About Us


What Makes Marina’s by the Sea Such a Special Home?

Our home, “Marina’s by the Sea” is a place where it’s easy to set our cares aside and breathe again. Susak Island is the perfect island location to enjoy a relaxing stay in a private home. Hand-built during the 1940’s, our home is a unique structure in the Adriatic Sea.

Marina’s family has lived on “Otok Susak” (Croatian for Susak Island) for hundreds of years. Marina’s by the Sea is considered the island’s first “progressive” home, designed in the continental European style with a business on the first floor and family home on the second and third floors. We host private guests in our six bedrooms, decorated in an old world style that reflects the natural landscape.

Enjoy our authentic island lifestyle with friendly locals who care about your comfort. With a strong focus on healing, you can indulge in relaxation, and enjoy a variety of water sports. Occasionally, we host private parties with music, dancing, or yoga.

Unplug from the world. Enjoy the outdoors. Heal your mind, body, and soul on Susak Island.