Comfort, Convenience, and Plenty of Amenities

Marina’s by the Sea offers a wide array of amenities designed to enhance your comfort and convenience during your stay in our private home. While much of the appeal of visiting Croatia’s Susak Island is being far from the noise of the world, you’ll enjoy many of the comforts of home that ensure a pleasant stay.

Comfortable – you’re in our private home, not a hotel

Every bedroom features comfortable bedding and access to two full baths. Water in our home is safe to drink, or you can purchase bottled water from a nearby store.


You can prepare your own meals and snacks in our kitchen – a great way to save money while you’re on the island. A narrow selection of groceries can be purchased at the convenience store across the street. Our kitchen is fully stocked and equipped with everything you need, including some staples.

Calypso’s Cave

Calypso’s Cave is a large multi-purpose room for private events. It has a bar, dance floor, and comfortable seating where guests can sit back and relax. We host private parties here with music and dancing, as well as celebrations and workshops.

A note about water conservation

Susak is a rustic, old world island. Fresh water is limited, so water conservation is very important.

Want to shower after enjoying the beach? The beautiful sandy beach 2-minutes from our home has free public showers and restrooms.

Thank you in advance for being mindful and conserving water in the shower and when using the sink in our bathrooms and our kitchen. Your efforts matter and we appreciate your support. While the modest infrastructure on Susak Island might feel a little inconvenient at times, it’s a large part of makes Susak Island such a wonderful respite from the modern world beyond our pristine shores.