Get Your Feet Wet on the Sandy Beaches of Susak Island

Susak Island is unlike any other island in the Adriatic Sea. Sandy beaches and calm, soothing waters await when you spend time with us here at Marina’s by the Sea. A love for the beach and swimming in the sea are part of Susak Island’s rich culture. Susak Island’s waters are well regarded for their healing properties and your spirit will feel rejuvenated after a day of swimming in the amazing Adriatic Sea.

Adults and children enjoy the wonderful fine sand that spans the length of Spiaza Bay, known locally as Susak Beach. The waters of Spiaza Bay remain shallow for many meters from the shore. Children can play in the water without a care in the world while mom and dad enjoy the restorative properties for which Susak Island is known. If you’re modest, Susak Beach is the place for you as there is no nudity allowed on this beach. Its close proximity to the town means you can get everything you need for a fun day soaking up the sun and swimming in the gentle waves. Chairs and umbrellas are available for rent on Susak Beach.

Bok Bay Is More Suited to Adults

Bok Bay and the surrounding beach are a short distance from Susak Beach. There is no commercial development, hotels, or bars around Bok Bay, so it offers a more pristine beach experience. Sometimes umbrellas and chairs are available for rent but you should always bring along what you need, just in case. Bok Bay’s beach has always been a nude beach so (un)dress accordingly.

Boaters like to anchor in Bok Bay just offshore so passengers can go ashore and stick their toes in the sand, which is just as fine and soft as the sand on Susak Beach.

Swimming in Bok Bay and Spiaza Bay is extraordinary. The waves are usually gentle and seas are calm enough to enjoy some snorkeling, if you have your own gear.

Other local beaches on Susak Island

There are two more beaches on the north side of Susak Island near Marina’s by the Sea. Each offers a sandy beach but it’s not as fine as the sand around Bok Bay and Spiaza Bay.

Punta Valica Bay is small and easier to reach by boat. It’s a great place to relax and watch the sunset in relative seclusion.

Baldarka Bay is closer to Marina’s by the Sea and can be reached on foot. It is more secluded than the two large beaches. The beach is made up of very small pebbles.

If you’re walking to either Baldarka Bay or Punta Valica Bay, wear sandals or shoes to protect your feet from the rockier areas.

The south side of Susak Island has some very secluded beaches. They are much rockier and swimming may be dangerous. If you would like to explore these areas, we can steer you in the right direction and offer you advice to help you keep safe.

Contact us if you are interested in staying in one of the private rooms in our home during your stay on Susak Island. We know all the beaches well and swim regularly ourselves, so we can give you information about getting to and enjoying your time at any of our island beaches.