Get your groove on with dance lessons at Marina’s by the Sea

Dancing is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the soul. If you feel like a klutz on the dance floor, you are going to thoroughly enjoy our dance lessons. Our spacious dance floor offers the perfect environment to learn a variety of dance steps while enjoying a variety of musical styles.

We host private dance parties and lessons in our private home sporadically throughout the year.

Learn a variety of fun dances

Learning a new dance stimulates the mind and body. You can learn a variety of dances, which could include the following dances or others, depending on the dance instructors we have scheduled.

Waltz – This classic dance is relatively easy to learn and one you can enjoy at almost every wedding reception. Stepping to the slow 1-2-3 beat is simple to master and will prepare you for more complicated dance steps.

East Coast Swing – This popular dance was created by Arthur Murray in the 1940s. The dance is based on the Lindy Hop, which was considered too difficult for beginners to learn. East Coast Swing may seem complex at first, but you will quickly get your feet and body in rhythm with the fun musical beat. You don’t have to master this dance to have endless amounts of fun on the dance floor and you will quickly gain confidence in your ability.

Argentinian Tango – This is the dance of love and romance. Argentinian tango music is more varied and nuanced than ballroom tango, which allows for great variety and endless personal expression on the dance floor. Learning this dance is truly learning an art form and you will discover that it’s surprisingly learnable. Argentinian tango lessons are a lot of fun for everyone and allow for endless amounts of personal expression.

Come to Marina’s by the Sea for a Dance Retreat

Susak Island is the perfect setting for a dance retreat. We have a large room on the main floor of our home that is prefect for dancing and mingling and plenty of private bedrooms in the upstairs of our home. 

Contact us today to setup a dance retreat in our private home or to reserve a bedroom in our home during a private dance retreat.