Endless seascapes await on Susak Island

There are some wonderful deep-sea diving opportunities around Susak Island, especially to the south and west. The bottom is adorned with tunnels, cracks, and holes that attract a wide assortment of undersea life. Octopus are frequently spotted in this area and they are a delight to watch as they peek out from rock outcroppings.

Obis Bay is the most popular Susak Island dive site. Multiple reefs and an ancient shipwreck are highlights of the bay and there’s even a wall that drops more than 30 feet where amphora fragments can be spotted. Free divers will love exploring this area as there are numerous fish species that call the bay home.

Snorkeling is also quite good in Obis Bay and at other shallow dive locations around Susak Island. We recommend bringing your own gear for these trips as it may be difficult to find on the island.

Places where you can charter a scuba adventure

If you want to dive on your own, you can source scuba gear from Mali Losinj. There are diving centers on Cres and Sumartin where you can arrange guided trips but it may not be possible to arrange scuba trips on Susak Island from these vendors.

Mali Losinj is only an hour away by ferry, so it’s possible to source what you need and get your oxygen tanks refilled on the same day.

Contact us about staying in a bedroom in our private home and get ready to explore the undersea worlds around Susak Island.