How do I get to Marina’s by the Sea from the marina on Susak Island?

Walk up the main street 5-minute walk from the marina – look for the yellow, three-story stone building on the right.

Is the water drinkable/potable?

Our water is supplied by the local government run water system. Some people drink it straight from the tap, some use a water bottle with a built-in filter, some people buy bottled water. Each person’s constitution is different. We recommend being cautious, if you are unsure, to avoid stomach-upset that might limit your activities while on the island

Best type of shoes for Susak Island – the beach and walking around the island?

Sturdy, all-purpose shoes or adjustable, close toed sandals. Bring plenty of plasters / Band-Aids, as you will often be walking on slanted, uneven ground, causing friction that leads to blisters.

What should I pack?

Beach towel. A lightweight, tapestry-style multi-purpose cloth/towel serves as a beach blanket, beach towel, sarong, and sun protector. 

Compression socks for air travel, especially if you have poor circulation. Amazon.com carries a selection. If you have health issues and get a prescription they may be covered by your insurance.

Daypack for hikes around the island.

Electrical converter. Electricity on Susak Island is standard 220 V 50 Hz, with Type C and Type F sockets. If you have items with different electrical currents or plugs, such as a phone or blow dryer, pack a converter. Note: our home does not have USB ports.

Flashlight (compact) and or headlamp plus batteries. It’s fun to walk along the top of the island after watching the sunset over the Adriatic Sea and neighboring large islands. There are no lights on the top of the island so a head lamp and or flashlight are necessary.

Hand sanitizer, toilet paper, travel bar soap, and a small body wash to use while traveling through Europe.

Microfiber towel (small) for general hygienic needs as you travel in Europe.

Photocopies of your passport and bank cards, in case of loss. Keep one set with you and one at home with someone who can email them to you in case of an emergency.

Rain jacket for our short and intense summer rainstorms. Consider a travel umbrella. You may not need them; varies from week to week.

Scarf to use as a light blanket or shawl while traveling.

Snorkel, mask, and goggles. The water is very buoyant so most people don’t use fins, especially when accessing the water on foot. If you plan to sail to your snorkeling and swimming location, then fins would be handy.

Sunscreen, ibuprofen, and medications for an emergency. You can purchase basics on the island for minor emergencies.

Water bottle and water filter. www.REI.com carries a nice selection.

Waterproof bag to protect your phone and other delicate items at the beach, on a boat, and when hiking. 

Travel tips?

Google translate app.

Best route to Susak Island?

Through Pula, Croatia. Pula is easy accessible by ferry from Venice, or by air from anywhere in Europe. Learn more about Getting to Susak Island.


There are ferries to Susak Island from Pula, Rijeka, Mali Losinj, and Zadar. Ferry schedules vary widely depending on the season. Be sure to check the schedule for the season in which you plan to travel. Learn more about Getting to Susak Island.

Where should I stay on my way to Susak Island?

If you via through Pula, Croatia, we recommend staying at Hotel Amfiteatar, www.hotelamfiteatar.com. Just outside of Pula, stay in the charming, old world town of Medulin, at Apartments Siga or Apartments Burle, www.siga-medulin.com, with a private dock on the Adriatic Sea.

How much cash should I bring?

Few places accept credit cards and there are no ATMs or banks on Susak Island. The post office provides limited currency exchange services. You will need cash for most of your purchases. Consider having at least $200 in Croatian Kuna plus $100 per day per person while you are on the island. This should be enough to cover cash-only products and services during your travel to Susak Island, paying for meals, products, and services on Susak Island, and for the few larger businesses on Susak Island who accept credit cards but can’t take them when the internet goes down (which happens intermittently).

Is there a nice beach nearby? Is it appropriate for children?

Yes, there is a beautiful, sandy beach just two minutes from our front door. The beach is very flat so you can wade out a long distance before it gets deep; great for wading and sunbathing. The beach has free public restrooms and showers where you can rinse off all the sand before leaving the beach.

How many guests can you accommodate in your home?

Combined, our six guest rooms can sleep up to eighteen.

Can I prepare food in your home?

Yes, our guests may use our fully-stocked kitchen.

Are there mosquitoes?

Some years there are no mosquitoes and other years they are plentiful. Mosquito repellent is not widely available on the island so bring your preferred repellent if visiting between late spring through early fall.

Are there jellyfish?

The jellyfish population varies dramatically from year to year. Some years we don’t see any and other years they swarm from cove to cove. The jellyfish sting, so when they are present, swimming is not recommended; check with us when you get here.

Did we miss anything? Contact us with your questions and to arrange to stay in a private bedroom in our home.