Dining on Susak Island

Susak Island has modest selection of eateries. Most businesses accept cash only (Croatian Kuna); Marina’s by the Sea accepts cash and all major credit cards. There are no ATMs or banks on the island although the post office provides limited exchange services. It’s best to bring enough cash (Croatian Kuna) for your stay on Susak. (A rough guide would be the equivalent of 100 Euros or 100 USD per day per person.)


We have a wonderful, local bakery a leisurely 8 minute walk from the front door of our home. You’ll find a delicious selection of freshly baked breads, rolls, pastries, and other tempting treats including the occasional meat-stuffed or cheese-stuffed pastries.

Convenience store

The village convenience store is right across the street from our home. You’ll find fresh-baked breads, a limited selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a selection of Croatian wines, beers, and liquors, cigarettes, and other convenience items. (The store sells some beach equipment but we recommend bringing your own.)

Klub Bar

Drinks only, including coffee. Klub Bar is on the main beach near Marina’s by the Sea.


There are two patissieres. One is located between our home and the beach access. They sell salads, pizzas, lunch foods, gelato, pastries, and wonderful cappuccinos.

The second faces the beach and has a fabulous view! They sell gelato, cappuccinos, and have a lunch-style menu.


There are three full service restaurants: two in lower village in the vicinity of our home, and one in upper village, about 10 – 15 minute walk.


The island winery is in the upper village; they have limited hours.

Contact us today about staying in a private bedroom in our home then get ready for a fun and relaxing vacation on beautiful Susak Island.