Experience the Local Art Community at the Susak Expo in 2020

Every other year in the month of May, Susak Island hosts a very popular event, the Susak Expo. This contemporary art biennial was founded by Herzog Dellafiore and Daniel Devlin and it focuses solely on artwork created by Susak islanders.

Susak Expo is unique because the artwork is not meant to be bought or sold. Artists come together for this 1-day symposium to share ideas and spend time together. Coordinating your visit around this event will expose you to the local culture like no other local event. Susak Island is a well-known artist’s retreat, so if you’re a fan of the arts be sure to visit us during the Susak Expo.

The next Susak Expo is scheduled for 2020, so start making your plans today at be at this extraordinary event.

Contact us if you are interested in staying at our private home during Susak Expo 2020.